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ABC will help you to stop smoking


"I had tried to stop smoking several times over the years, but it never seemed to work. Then a friend told me about the Anything But Cigarettes program. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I knew I needed help top stop smoking, so I took a chance and called Mr. Pilon. I am proud to say that it's been 16 months and counting since my last cigarette. I would recommend the ABC program to anybody who is trying to stop smoking."


"After several failed attempts to stop smoking, I decided to try the Anything But Cigarettes stop smoking program, and I'm glad I did. It gave me the confidence that the (nicotine) patch and gum simply couldn't provide. I'm happy to say that I've been a non-smoker for almost a year now and don't plan on going back to that nasty habit. However, if I'm ever tempted, I know that I can listen to the Anything But Cigarettes cassette to help get back on the right track."


"After 30 years of heavy smoking, I thought I'd never be able to quit, that I was doomed by this addiction. So I never thought it possible, but after only one Anything But Cigarettes session by Dennis I never smoked again, or at least in the 6 years since. I can't really explain it; I just so, so appreciate it."


"The Anything But Cigarettes program was helpful, extremely relaxing, and has eliminated my desire to smoke. There are no cravings and smoke is almost to the point where it's annoying now! I recommend the Anything But Cigarettes program highly and have recommended other friends to the program."


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